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Let's make a difference in this generation. Let's rewrite the narrative and impact those who are not yet born.


Founded by Amandine S'iita, a Franco-Cameroonian. Unlearn Relearn project is designed to inspire young people of African descent to become proactive leaders, "Changemakers" who can exercise visionary leadership that inspires confidence and trust among the people, and transform the continent. 


​Our mission is to reprogram the minds of the African youths who have lost their self-esteem, self-worth, self-love and a sense of dignity due to years of oppression, miseducation, colonialism, poverty, and trauma. 


Focusing on Black knowledge, we want to empower and unlock youth’s potential, create opportunities, promote positive values through mentoring and coaching programs.


We want to provide opportunities and hope for the future generation, by challenging young people to manage their own learning in order to maximize their potential; develop their skills; improve their performance, and to become citizens with value.

Let's Rewrite the Narrative Together.

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The best legacy we can leave is the positive impact on other people’s lives. We want to be a positive influence capable of inspiring the young generation to become agents of change.


We want to make a difference in this generation. We want to create a better world for our children and impact those who are not yet born.


We developed an empowerment programs that will change the condition of Black people and empower them economically

spiritually and  mentally.


Transfer of knowledge is a necessity to break the cycle of miseducation and conditioning. It’s time to unlearn everything we’ve been taught and relearn.


Do For Self

We want to promote "the culture of Self." It's time to embrace our culture and heritage. We will provide a new blueprint of self-empowerment, self-discipline, self-respect, self-esteem, self-love, self-initiative, and self-development.


We believe that it is our duty to manifest our God-given gift and serve the world. We chose to invest our time in fulfilling our purpose, helping to provide opportunities and hope for the future generation.


We stand for the Truth no matter who tells it. We speak up for ourselves and for the voiceless, the weak, and those victim of the White supremacy system.


A Restoration of the visionary spirit is imperative. We believe that Leadership potential resides in every individual. We want to produce a new breed of young leaders, "Changemakers" who can make a difference in this generation.


From mentoring and coaching programs, workshops, seminars, networking socials, and successful guest speakers. Unlearn Relearn events will work with recognized individuals within our communities to ensure all events held are full of education, purpose and empowering activities.


Unlearn Relearn project is designed to: 

Increase African youth well-being and address the crisis of culture of “self”: self-esteem, self-love, and self-conception, self-development that affects the way they perceive themselves and are perceived by others. 


Improve knowledge of self in order to break the cycle of miseducation, poor work ethic, culture of corruption, bad leadership, and non-respect of human rights.

Encourage self-education and inspire African youth to become proactive leaders.

Help them to discover their life purpose, unlock their potential, talents and gifts. 

Equip African youth with financial literacy to help them take control of their financial situation to reduce poverty and avoid business failures.


Promote entrepreneurship spirit and create job opportunities in the local and global economies.

Help African youth to develop a growth mindset and increase their chance to succeed in life.



  • Decolonize your Mind 

  • Reprogram your Mind 

  • Self-Empowerment 

  • Unlock Potential 

  • Manifest Gift

  • Purpose/Vision

  • Culture of "Do it for self"  

  • Self-Love/Esteem 

  • Spirituality/Self-Awareness 

  • Develop Leadership Attitude 

  • Entrepreneurship Spirit 

  • Financial Literacy 

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Janel Jackson, Mental Youth Advocate

Toronto, Canada

I had the privilege to be part of an amazing workshop with Unlearn Relearn on decolonize your mind hosted by Amandine S'iita.

This one thing that stood out  for me, was how colonized our minds are because of the colonization of our land, history and people. They took all that were essential to us. We have been so brainwashed to hate ourselves, hate others that looks like us and accept cultures that wasn't our origins.  


Throughout this process, we lost our identities and self confidence in who we are as a nation and a person. Not to mention our power that we lost because we have allowed someone else's to think for us. 


We need to start identifying the issues of being brainwashed so we can reprogram our minds. Be the foundation of change and start unleashing some of the negatives and false beliefs that we have been taught. Go back to the source, whatever that means to you.


Reprogramming and making our mental health a priority is the starting point of discovering who we are and that is how we will get our power back. 

Chinyemba Kamizhi, Youth Mentor, Teacher 
Kabwe, Zambia

White superiority and political manipulation is suppressing growth of potential in many youths with the teachings such like yours nation's will be transformed. Your teaching is powerful and excellent. We are going to change their lives with your input. 

Joshua Mwamba, Youth Program participant

Lusaka, Zambia

I am feeling different about myself, and I am happy, confident. I am no more looking down, my mentality and my expectations have changed. All this is happening because of you, Amandine S'iita. The wisdom you gave me has made me stand strong. I am who I am today because of your teachings. And I just want to say thank you for everything.

Let's Rewrite the Narrative Together